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Casement door construction technology

The construction process of the casement door is as follows:

I. Process flow: find the rules of the elastic line → door opening processing → casement door processing → casement door transportation, positioning → casement door frame installation → → plugging around the doorway → casement door installation → hardware accessories installation → cleaning, acceptance

Second, the operation points:

1. Finding the rules with the elastic line: Find the doorline at the high level, draw down the doorline with a large wire drop, and draw a line at the doorway of each floor to shave the edges of individual non-straight mouths. High-rise buildings can use theodolite to find the vertical line. The horizontal position of the doorway should be based on the floor + 50cm horizontal line.

2. Installation position in the wall thickness direction: Determine the installation position of the casement door in the wall thickness direction according to the large-scale drawing of the external wall;

3. Placement and temporary fixing: According to the installed installation line, hang it straight. No problem can be temporarily fixed with wooden wedges.

4. Fix with the wall: Fix the iron piece with the wall with a nail gun, and the distance between the iron pieces should be less than 600mm. At the same time, ensure that there are not less than two fixing pieces on each side.

5. Door frame caulking: After fixing the casement door, it should be caulked in time. Waterproof mortar is used for the plug seam. The base layer must be cleaned before the plug seam. Brush a plain cement slurry and use a 1: 2.5 waterproof mortar to plug the seam. It is required to be full and tight. Wedge, the same way to fill wood wedge holes.

6.Swing door installation: The door frame is connected by aluminum corner code, the specific method is the same as that of the door frame.

7. Installation hardware accessories: After the slurry is repaired, the hardware accessories of the doors and windows can be installed after the oil painting is completed. For the installation process, please refer to the product manual. The installation is required to be firm and flexible.

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