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Industrial hinged door assembly matters

How are industrial hinged doors assembled?

1. The door leaf is erected in various parts of the opening to the required size, and the door leaf is kept vertical.

2. Initially spot-weld the upper and lower door shafts to the embedded part of the opening and the edge of the door leaf. When assembling, ensure that the upper and lower door shafts are on the same vertical line. Otherwise, the resistance of the door switch will easily damage the door shaft. Chongqing tea garden electric remote control garage door will not overturn under Tangshan fast door, try to open and close the door manually, should be able to rotate flexibly without blocking, and then weld the door shaft firmly.

3. Install the electric door opener in place, and connect the connecting rod of the door opener to the door leaf. Install the electric bolt on the side of the door leaf, and adjust the door leaf to lock the door leaf.

4. According to the size requirements of the door, adjust the middle and surrounding sealing strips of the door leaf so that the gap can be tightly sealed by the tape when the door leaf is closed.

5. The electric control box is installed in the room where it is convenient for maintenance. The installation of the door opener and the electric plug shall meet the requirements of the electrical installation regulations, and the protective ground wire shall be properly connected to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel.

6. After checking that the relevant parts meet the requirements, turn on the power and press the control button, and then repeatedly adjust the stroke switch. After the door is in place, it can stop running.

Assembly precautions:

1. Before installation, check whether the hinges match the door and window frame and door leaf.

2. Check whether the height, width and thickness of the hinge slot match the hinge.

3. Check whether the hinge and the screws and fasteners connected to it are matched.

4. The connection method of the hinge should match the material of the frame and the fan. For example, the hinges used for steel frame wooden doors, the side connected to the steel frame is welded, and the side connected to the wooden door leaf is fixed by wood screws.

5. During installation, the hinge axis of the same fan should be on the same vertical line to prevent the doors and windows from springing. Industrial swing doors have the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, beautiful appearance, anti-fouling and corrosion resistance, durable, stable opening and closing, convenient operation, space saving and other characteristics. They have various product types and are generally used in factories, workshops, warehouses and other places.

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