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Instructions for use with casement doors

Swing doors can be divided into two types: one-way and two-way doors. Door frames are installed on both sides of the door opening, and the door leaf is installed on the door opening frame. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, good style, lighting, good thermal insulation performance, flexible opening, and good safety performance. Widely used in warehouses, workshops and other building gates.

Installation and commissioning of swing doors:

1. According to the design size of the door opening, check the actual door opening size, and contact Party A to repair the door opening by mistake.

2. First fix the door frame on both sides of the door opening to ensure the size of the door frame and the verticality of the horizontal plane. Then fix the side door hinge to the door frame. Take care to ensure that the upper and lower edges are parallel to the door frame beams. Then install the door opening mechanism transmission device, try to open and close the door, and adjust the limit switch in the door opener to ensure that the door operates normally and the limit is accurate.

Use and maintenance

1. If the door is in the closed state, you need to open the door. Please note that the latches on the lower part of the door are all open. There should be no obstacles around the door and then open the door.

2. In order to improve the service life of the door, someone should open the door.

3. All rotating parts should be lubricated with grease every three months to maintain good operation.

4. When not in use, the power switch should be turned off.

5. When opening or closing the door, it is strictly forbidden to forcibly push and pull the door leaf.

6. If the power failure requires manual operation, first disengage the door opener conversion device, then pull the handle and push the door open.

7. After the door starts, the operator should wait for the door to stop and then leave. If there is a sudden situation during the operation of the door, press the stop button first, wait for the door to stop and perform the action after the fault is removed.

8. If the door is open, please close the door without obstructions and close the door.

9. In case of bad weather and typhoon, close the door in time, and the latches at the lower part of the door leaf should be fully inserted.

10. The electrical control part should be checked frequently, and the grounding should be reliable and safe.

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