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Yantai Oke Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise that manufactures and sells industrial automatic doors. The company is located in Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Eurotech's products mainly involve food, printing, pharmaceuticals, rubber tires, logistics and storage, electronics, textiles, clothing, precision product manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automobile and parts manufacturing, underground parking lots, garages, shipbuilding (repair) shipyards, and hangars And other places; provide design, manufacturing, maintenance, after-sales and various special solutions for companies around the world.

Oke Doors was officially registered in 2006 in Yantai, Shandong, China. Our products and solutions have been applied to large and medium-sized enterprises in various provinces and cities across the country and exported to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and other countries, serving more than 2,600 domestic and foreign enterprises; at the same time, they have been consistent with the industry and users Approved.

At this stage, Oke has more than 30 product technologies and production capabilities, and is a relatively complete manufacturer in the industry. The chain high-speed door developed and designed by us in 2014 is not inferior to the products of other companies at home and abroad, and is superior to similar products in terms of manufacturing cost and production process; we have submitted a number of patent applications to the National Patent Office. Products include: rigid quick doors, quick shutter doors, chain high-speed doors, fast stacking doors, industrial shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial flexible gates, electric sliding doors, lifting platforms, industrial door seals, sectional lift doors, electric folding Door and so on.

After more than ten years, we have improved through exploration, and continuously improved in the improvement, so as to forge high-quality products; the characteristics of high-quality and cheap products have given us a broad market and development space; we will continue to uphold "Quality, integrity, focus" business philosophy, innovation with technology, development with quality, brand creation with integrity, focus on the cornerstone, sincerely hope to work with friends from all walks of life to work together for common development.


Technical Support:Rya
  • No.188 Shixue Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City,
    Shandong Province
  • Tel:0535-6846120 6846130
  • Mobile:13806386636
  • Postcode:264000
  • Fax:0535-6846160
  • E-mail:ytokszj@vip.163.com

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